Check 6 Foundation

Check-6 Foundation

WGM/WGP Special Project for 2018-2019

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Mission Statement - Our mission is to provide aid, assistance, experiences, purpose, inspiration and hope to children battling serious medical conditions and military veterans in need.

Vision Statement - One day, every child battling a serious medical condition and every military veteran in need will have a WINGMAN who HAS THEIR BACK.

What Does " Check-6 " Mean? - The Check-6 Foundation is named after, and based upon an aviator’s practice of checking his wingman’s 6 o’clock position (directly behind him) to ensure it is clear of any threat. Simply put, a concept of "I’ve got your back and am looking out for you".

Rose Gold Morganite Ring2pm - 14k Rose Gold Morganite Ring and Earrings with Diamonds Onyx Ring2:30 - Sterling Silver and Black Onyx Ring Sterling Silver Bracelet3pm - Sterling Silver Traversa Weave Cuff Bracelet
Opal Pendant3:30 - Sterling Silver Opal Doublet Bezel Pendant and Earrings Topaz Pendant4pm - Sterling Silver Glacier-Blue Topaz Oval Pendant Anethyst Pendant4:30 - 14k Yellow Gold Amethyst Pendant with Accent Gemstones
Citrine Ring5pm - Sterling Silver Citrine Ring Peridot Pendant5:30 - 14k White Gold Peridot Pendant with Diamonds Patriot Pendant6pm - 14k White Gold Patriot Pendant - This is a one-of-a-kind piece, designed specifically for this fundraiser, featuring alternating Rubies, Diamonds, and Blue Sapphires. Totally unique!
(Picture is an artist's rendering as the actual piece is being created for us from scratch!)

Each hour, at quarter after, and quarter til, we will give away $100.00 cash! Additional jewelry and prizes will be given away throughout the afternoon via other games of chance and raffles.